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Since 1971, Master and Doctorate courses have been offered, initially in the Postgraduate Program in Pediatrics and, as of 2006, in Child and Adolescent Health, linked to the Department of Child Care and Pediatrics, to train teachers / researchers in this area. area of ​​knowledge.

In the Master, the student should mainly familiarize himself with the scientific methodology, teaching methodology, and deepen in the specific area of ​​his object of study. In the Doctorate, in addition, it is created for the student the need of methodological deepening of research and teaching, especially the explicit definition and the referral to a proper line of investigation. For this, along with the counselor, the student will choose optional disciplines that allow to reach the desired goal.

The program has lines of research and infrastructure for research at the individual, clinical and laboratory level, as well as at a collective level, in the field of epidemiology of the health of children and adolescents. The student can also work on his / her research questions on a pilot level. The Program maintains close collaboration with other departments and research centers in the different research modalities in the country and abroad, which greatly broadens the options available to students.